Saturday, 23 October 2010

Analysis Services Stored Procedure Best Practices

Whilst answering questions on the Microsoft Analysis Services forum the other day, I came across a question regarding recursive MDX. At first read I thought that an Analysis Services stored procedure might be quicker than recursive MDX, which was an incorrect assumption.

However, in the discussion Darren Gosbell posted a list of best practices with regards Analysis Services stored procedures that I hadn't seen before, so I figured I would post them here too.

So, the "best practices" for Analysis Services stored procedures (ASSP) are apparently as follows:
  • for administrative functions
  • for static sets, scopes, LHS of assignment and other early-binding things
  • It is usually OK to use sprocs for query axes
  • It is usually OK to use sprocs if they don’t need to get cell data (but only look at metadata and members)
  • inside calculations if there is good NEB that can be defined on the calculation
  • inside calculations without NEB if sproc is executed over small amount of cells, i.e. inside WHERE clause etc.

The thread where you can see all of this is here: